TDM Solution

Test Data Management

Eliminate sensitive data in application development and test environments.

Secure non-production environments.


Comprehensive discovery

Find sensitive data in all locations, including those in hard to find places like text fields, complex columns, temporary tables, etc.

Referential Integrity

A single metadata repository built by a comprehensive discovery of sensitive data across data sources to maintain referential integrity.


Data Quality

Provide masked, yet meaningful data for application development and testing while preserving format and value range.


Masking roll-out

Concurrent use of static and dynamic data masking to assist in masking roll-out at the enterprise level.


Data Subset

Effectively create data subsets of transactional data based on time, application or conditions.



Use of flexible approaches such as In-place, In-transit, On-demand, As-it-happens to handle environmental constraints and deliver an optimized masking performance.



Support real-world use cases for development, testing, and production support to work with real and masked data

Test Data Management

Most enterprises have made some progress in this journey, either through implementing data masking solutions or developing home-grown scripts for this purpose. However, complete elimination of sensitive data is easier said than done.

MENTIS data security platform is a proven, mature platform with a track record of successful implementations in test data management for a Fortune 15 conglomerate, Ivy League University, top medical devices manufacturing company, top hotel chain, top credit rating agency, Leading Airlines, and a top Swiss Bank to name a few.

MENTIS test data management solution can eliminate sensitive data to meet stringent regulatory and compliance requirements and enable secure cross border access and cloud adoption

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MENTIS Advantages



A single integrated platform that covers sensitive data discovery, static and dynamic masking, subsetting, monitoring and retirement of sensitive data.


Data Functionality

Variety of masking, encryption and tokenization methods that meet all requirements relating to usability, data validations, performance and security policies.



Support popular data sources such as mainframe databases, relational databases, Big data and files across on-premise and cloud environments.



Support different masking options such as in place, on demand, as it happens, and in transit configuration options for performance and efficiency



A business solution that supports stakeholder collaboration (Application owners, Security and Compliance, and Administrators)