Cloud Solutions

data security in the cloud

Consistently enforce security and compliance policies.





built for the cloud

Protect sensitive data in native cloud applications as well as
host-based applications

data discovery

On-demand scans to locate and classify all data stored in cloud repositories, or being migrated, with the ability to identify what  data is being uploaded.


Risk Reduction

Remove or quarantine data already in the cloud using tokenization.


Data Anonymization

Apply the same data protection to your cloud data stores as to those on-premise, with dynamic and static data-masking tools that preserve data integrity and functionality.


Custom Applications

For custom applications hosted on public cloud platforms, MENTIS protects data seamlessly as if it was on-premise.


SaaS Applications

For SaaS applications, protect data at the database and application using available APIs and MENTIS’ web proxy solution.

The responsibility for security lies with the data owner, not the cloud service provider.

Sensitive data anonymization capabilities vary widely among cloud service providers. And relying on provider to secure the data means the provider’s administrators can view it. MENTIS provides the solutions you need to take control and ensure reliable, consistent anonymization for data at rest or in transit, while maintaining critical end-user functionality.

Compliance ownership should, by design, reside with the organization at risk – that is, the data owner. The ability to identify data already in the cloud, and data that is migrating to the cloud, means you can apply the right compliance policies consistently and block, quarantine, or protect data that is being uploaded. And because MENTIS’ solutions work across platforms whether on-premise or on the cloud, you can unify your data security policies and streamline management.

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MENTIS Advantages
cloud Security for database and application layers



Deploy a single, fully integrated and scalable platform that works seamlessly and consistently across on-premise and cloud.



Applicable to data and application security for custom and SaaS applications.



Keep a complete audit log of all activities from discovery to the retirement of personal data, downloadable in Excel and other formats.


>A fully compliant solution for a top swiss bank

Sensitive data assessment for cloud migration, cross-border sharing, and compliance.


iDiscover locates ALL sensitive data with minimal false positives.


MENTIS helped a fortune 15 global conglomerate to find sensitive data across PeopleSoft, SAP applications

Enterprise wide deployment

Enterprise wide solution for a Fortune 20 Global Conglomerate

Highly integrated data security solution

Highly integrated data security solution for world's largest re-insurer.