Our Data Discovery and Data Masking in Action

The demo is based on a beta version of our brand new NLP engine. We are continuously testing and improving its performance and accuracy. You can perform sensitive data discovery and masking for upto 13 different data classifications in this demo. Find more about the types of data classifications supported here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if your sensitive information is not discovered correctly?

This demo uses a beta version of our brand new Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine. We are continuously evolving our NLP models, to improve accuracy and performance. On deployment, the discovery configuration and models will be adjusted to your dataset to generate accurate results.

For purposes of this demo, only the following data classifications have been configured:

US Social Security Number, Credit Card Information, Address, Phone, Email Addresses, Nationality, Religion, Country, City, Name, Company Name, Date, and URL.

This demo is designed to showcase the capability of the MENTIS solution to identify sensitive data and protect it using appropriate de-identification mechanisms.
What does Total Score and Threshold Score mean?

MENTIS Discovery uses our patented pathway approach to find sensitive data in your data sources. MENTIS Pathways are a configurable sequence of techniques used to discover sensitive data, including data dictionary matching, pattern matching, pattern validations, data matching, and natural language processing. On the basis of the Pathway analysis, each potentially sensitive data location is assigned a Total Score that defines the degree of confidence of the finding. If the Total Score is greater than or equal to a pre-defined Threshold Score, then the data is deemed as “Sensitive”.

Can I enter my own data?

You are free to enter the data of your choice. Simply delete the existing pre-populated text, and enter your own custom data of maximum of 250 characters.

NOTE: The data that you enter is being stored in our engine. Please do not enter any actual data. MENTIS is not responsible for any sensitive data leakage arising due to this.

Where can I see a demo of all your products?

You can book a demo here. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to provide a customized demo based on your requirements and use cases.

Where can I find more information about your discovery and masking tools?

To learn more about our Discovery and Masking solutions, download our datasheets from the link given below.

Sensitive Data Discovery – iDiscover™ Data Sheet
Dynamic Data Masking – iMask™ Data Sheet

Take the Next Step Towards Your Data Security Goals

Thank you for taking our new NLP engine for a spin. We are confident that you would have found it valuable.

Take the next step to take control of your data with the help of our comprehensive product suite, ranging from sensitive data discovery and masking to retirement, effectively securing your data at each stage of its lifecycle.