Over the past 15+ years, we have helped our customers, across industries, to protect sensitive data while enabling regulatory compliance, test data management, cross border data transfer, enterprise security amongst other complex use cases.


iDiscover™ – Sensitive Data Discovery

If your aren’t finding 100% of your data, it might as well be zero. Discover accurately.

iScramble™ – Static Data Masking

Looking for a high-performance masking solution that eliminates the risk of carrying redundant data? Read to know more.

iMask™ – Dynamic Data Masking

Looking for a seamless masking solution that doesn’t impact performance? Search no more.

iRetire™ – Data Retirement

Worried about losing data value while retiring your inactive sensitive data? We have just the solution.


Static and Dynamic Masking in a Canadian Aviation Company

Find out how we helped a leading Canadian Aviation company to secure their Peoplesoft environment through Static and Dynamic data masking.

Monitoring solution for Private Bank in DR

Find out how we implemented data discovery and sensitive data-centric monitoring in one of the largest banks in the Dominican Republic.

Security for complex ERP systems in Educational Universities

Read how we helped secure a sophisticated ERP system in an Ivy League University in the US by implementing comprehensive data discovery and masking solutions.

Discovery and masking for a Financial Services Software Manufacturer

Find out how our discovery and data masking solutions helped in securing Oracle and SQL for a leading provider of Financial Services solutions.

SOX compliance for a Leading utilities company

Read how we enabled SOX compliance for a leading utilities company in the US, by implementing discovery, masking, and monitoring for Oracle and SQL.

Comprehensive security solution for a Top swiss bank

Find how we secured complex environments and applications in a top Swiss bank with our integrated platform. The comprehensive security solution included discovery and masking across various data sources.

Enterprise security in a fortune 20 conglomerate

Find out how we helped a Fortune 20 Conglomerate implement an enterprise-wide security solution across data sources and applications to discover, mask, and monitor sensitive data.

Automated static data masking for a leading healthcare company in US

For a leading healthcare company in the US, we implemented automated static data masking to secure PHI data in Oracle.

Canadian Management and Consultancy Services Business

Find out how we helped one of the world’s leading management and consultancy services business to minimize their inactive sensitive data and implement an enterprise-wide security solution.

Discovery and static data masking for one of the largest re-insurer

Read to find how we implemented discovery and static data masking in Oracle and SQL for one of the largest re-insurers.

Discovery and masking for a large credit rating agency

Read how we helped a large Credit Rating Agency in achieving GDPR compliance by implementing data discovery and data masking in Oracle across the globe, involving collaboration amongst multiple stakeholders.


Integrated Data Masking for Oracle E-Business

Find out how MENTIS can help you in achieving 360 degree protection for Oracle E – Business Applications.

CCPA Compliance with MENTIS

A comprehensive document on the key areas covered by the CCPA mapped to our product capabilities and solutions.


Test Data Management Market Update

You never have to worry whether your test data is representative with data that looks real, but is entirely fake. How, do you ask? Read more to find out.

Integrated Data Masking for PeopleSoft Enterprise

Mask your sensitive data without the fear of breaking application integrity.

Comparing Data Security Solution Vendors?

We made it easy for you. Find out how MENTIS stacks up against IBM and Informatica in this whitepaper by Bloor Research.

GDPR and the MENTIS Data and Application Security Platform

According to CPO Magazine, only 8% of organizations are fully mature to achieve GDPR Compliance. Don’t fall behind, read more to find out all you need to know about GDPR Compliance and ways to achieve it with MENTIS.

MENTIS Data and Application Security Platform

Wondering how we can help your organization achieve its data security objectives? Get a detailed look into the MENTIS Data and Application Security Platform to find out.

GDPR Compliance Whitepaper

Not all organizations have yet reached a sufficient level of maturity in automating data protection processess that will ensure that they can achieve compliance and avoid costly sanctions. Read more to know what measures your organization has to take to reach the required level of maturity.

Data Minimization

Reduce substantial financial risk – send your old data to a comfy retirement.

Dark data and security

In this case, ignorance isn’t bliss. The Security Challenge of Dark Data – What you don’t know will hurt you


You can’t secure your data unless you understand your data. Go ahead and find out how.

GDPR Compliance with MENTIS

Find out how Anonymization and Pseudonymization can help you in GDPR compliance.