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Security for at-risk data

With Discovery that provides certainty about where data is and the programs that put it there. Masking and Monitoring that wrap security around it. Retirement to reduce exposure.

Mitigate the risk of a data breach, ensure data privacy, and enable and control data access for employees, consultants, and partners around the world – all with MENTIS’ complete and integrated solution. The MENTIS suite can help secure your sensitive data across the data's lifecycle, whether on premise or on cloud.

Bottom line by BLOOR Research

We have not seen another product suite quite like that offered by MENTIS. There are other vendors that offer static data masking and discovery, though in the case of discovery their features are not typically as rich as those offered by MENTIS. Moreover there are relatively few competitors that offer dynamic data masking. In addition, few if any competitors can match MENTIS’ choices for dynamic masking or can offer co-existent static and dynamic masking). Rarer still is any equivalent to iMonitor and iRetire. Where these other facilities are available from competitive suppliers they tend to be in multiple products that are not well integrated whereas integration is a major strength for MENTIS.


MENTIS offers the most comprehensive solution in the industry.


MENTIS innovates in securing sensitive data by offering the retirement of inactive sensitive data.


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