Ranjitha Muniyappan

Senior Programmer – Developement

I have been with MENTIS for a long time, having joined when there were close to only ten employees in the company. My joining happened by chance – a relative of mine knew Rajesh (CEO of MENTIS) and had passed on my resume to him. I cracked the interview and joined, along with five others. Since then, we became a close-knit group, and today I have the pleasure of calling my teammates my best friends.

In terms of learning, I didn’t really know what to expect since this was my first corporate stint. Looking back now, I can tell you that it was immense. I have had the freedom to work on a countless number of computer languages, and company projects. One of my absolute favorite projects would be the creation of a new User Interface in Angular Java. It wasn’t a language I knew before, but the confidence my superiors and teammates had in me gave me the drive to learn it and excel at it. They also did a brilliant job in tutoring and training me, and it helped me learn the intricacies that went into the development aspect of it.

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“I often work along with senior staff who are not only excellent mentors but are also very humble and fun to work with”.

Having started off with projects, I now work on our product developments, and I am proud to share that I have been recently promoted to a Senior Programmer. I often work along with senior staff, including Rajesh and Padma (Vice President – Customer Success), who are not only excellent mentors, but are also very humble and fun to work with. Similarly, I am glad to say that I have always worked with amazing teams, and everybody is very supportive of each other.

Coming to work-life balance, I never had much of an issue since my mother manages most of the household tasks, and I chip in wherever I can. However, with a pandemic going on, I really miss coming in to office, meeting my friends, interacting with them, brainstorming for new concepts and having fun working together. I hope this situation cools down, and I look forward to being back in office soon.