Meena Priyadharshini Sai

Senior Programmer

I joined MENTIS at a time when everything was new for me. New job, new city, new people; I was on the lookout for a job and applied to MENTIS after a friend of mine informed me about their hiring drive. I was initially a bit skeptical about joining a start-up, considering the financial stability of the organization and the work culture. However, all of my fears and skepticism were eased after the interview. That is when I realized the intellectual growth that the company offered, and the freedom to do what I loved – programming

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Today, after 4 years at MENTIS, there is not the slightest doubt within me regarding my decision to join MENTIS. I started off as a programmer, under the able guidance of Srinath, my mentor and above all, a good friend. He found the right balance between a friend and a mentor, by being tough when needed, and offered his complete support and guidance when I needed that the most. MENTIS has also given me ample opportunities to evolve professionally. The opportunity to learn, and the support given by the management to do so is phenomenal. Today, I have hands-on experience in MySQL, SQL Server, and now I am working with PLSQL. Learning just doesn’t stop here at MENTIS!

If you ask me what I like the most about MENTIS, I would say it is the people you find here. I have made many good friends here, and the bonds we have are stronger than family. The bonding between my teammates and the understanding we share is something you would find hard to find in any other organization. When I joined around 4 years back, there were 50 odd people in the India office, and we knew each other on a first-name basis. We used to go out for movies together, enjoy during office hours, celebrate birthdays together, literally everything used to be done together!

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Professional interests apart, I am an avid movie lover. I also love listening to music and dancing. I have participated in all of the events conducted and MENTIS, and there will surely be at least one dance program that I will be a part of during the event. I cannot put in words how eagerly I am waiting for the office to start so that I can go back and meet all of my friends. Every day is fun at MENTIS. Be it work or break, and we make sure to enjoy every moment!