Dushyandhan Banukmar

Senior Quality Analyst

MENTIS has been my first experience at a professional job. After completion of my Undergraduate, I interviewed in MENTIS for the post of an Oracle Developer. However, I soon realized that my interests lay in Testing, and MENTIS gave me the opportunity to make the transition to the testing department. This flexibility offered by MENTIS, and their willingness to put the interests of the employees first is what I adore the most about the organization. It has been close to 4 years now that I joined MENTIS, and looking back, I have learned a lot, and acquired specific skillsets – be it in the technical domain of manual, functional and security testing, or in developing soft skills like spoken English, and presentations.

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The atmosphere here at MENTIS is akin to a family, with everyone looking out for each other, and sharing in their joys and sorrows. The trip to Wayanad – a hill station in picturesque state of Kerala was one of my most memorable moments at MENTIS. We forged relationships during that trip and transcended any and all boundaries between departments and roles. While we have had many other fun trips after that one, I am eagerly waiting for the pandemic to subside, and meeting my near and dear ones under the same roof in the office.

Another unique aspect of MENTIS is the opportunities the company provides for those willing to learn. We have had English communication classes, and also registered for online courses through Udemy – an online learning portal to enhance our skills. The management is always encouraging us to acquire newer skillsets and keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies. The most encouraging part is when you get an opportunity to use these skills and apply them in your daily work.

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Another unique opportunity you get in MENTIS is the ability to work in close quarters with the higher management. I have worked on a major project along with Padma, who is the VP of development. What do you do when you have to learn a lot, and you don’t have time to start from scratch? You pick up the skills working alongside people who have already invested time in learning what you want to know. And this is exactly what MENTIS offers and encourages its employees to do.

Apart from work, I like to spend my time playing indoor games like chess and carrom. I have had a lot of fun breakout sessions at work playing carrom along with my colleagues during lunch hours. The fun element at MENTIS is just as cherished as work. Also, being a part of the Events Committee, I get to organize games and other fun activities for the entire organization once a month. The pandemic might have changed how we work, but it has certainly not managed to change our enthusiasm in work and play!

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