Balaji Sarvepalli

Accounting & Payroll Manager

After completing my MBA in finance and marketing and having started another course in finance, I heard from a friend of mine regarding a job opening at MENTIS. I went in for an interview with Rajesh and was hired in 2016.

Having started as a consultant, I also worked on a few other companies’ accounting and finance verticals. Things were a little different at MENTIS, though, as I was the only one handling all accounts and payroll for the company. This truly challenged me and aided in my learning and growth.

Furthermore, I am glad to have a strong rapport with Rajesh, who always gave me space and flexibility to work. Even while juggling a lot of work, I have never felt overloaded at any point. Work-life balance in this regard has never been an issue for me. I also partake in many extracurriculars like Chess, Carrom, sports like Cricket, and have now begun to try my hand at trading stocks.

Balaji Sarvepalli - 1
Balaji Sarvepalli - 2

As a result of my strong performance, I have been promoted to Accounts and Payroll Manager this year. Apart from the operational and accounting work, I have now picked up responsibility for handling insurance and taxes. Being a full-time employee, I still have the luxury of consulting for other companies in my spare time.

It’s been five years since I’ve been working here, and in my ten plus years of work experience, MENTIS has been the best part of my journey. I am very comfortable with the company, my superiors, and my colleagues. MENTIS has not only helped scale my career but has also helped me scale personally. This year, I am proud to say that I have successfully built my dream house and have also been blessed with a daughter.