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Take the next step to take control of your data with the help of our comprehensive product suite, ranging from sensitive data discovery and masking to retirement, effectively securing your data at each stage of its lifecycle.

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We implemented the MENTIS product for a large global bank with very strigent policies on data protection. MENTIS provided us clear directions on how best to integrate the product to the bank’s security and operations platforms, and ensured a seamless fit of the product into the bank for enterprise use. MENTIS expertise was provided on how best to use the product, and in solving the complex use-cases at the bank. The key learning for us was that MENTIS, is like a swiss-army knife – the enterprise’s data discovery and protection can be achieved without customising the product or having high overheads, when we leverage the product as it was intended to be used. MENTIS invested effort in training our team with this expertise, defined repeatble solutions for use-cases,that eventually allowed us to use it on our own successfully.

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Industry: Services
Firm Size: 3B – 10B USD