We need Superheroes to defend the Cyberworld

We constantly hear news of malicious offenders scamming and hacking into systems, trying to steal our confidential information. And so, we are looking to put together a team of talented individuals who are driven and passionate as we are to promote a safe digital world. Be a part of a fun and industrious crowd while having the autonomy to shape your own learning and growth.

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Content Marketing Specialist

We want someone who can write beautiful, short and effective copy for our ads, our blog and most importantly, for our customers.




Geethanjali Balasubrahmanyam Senior ProgrammerI worked for one of my relatives at his company before I completed my Bachelor’s and interviewed for MENTIS. As a result, MENTIS was my first corporate experience relevant to my education in Computer Science. Beginning my...

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Balasuyambu Jeyaram

Balasuyambu Jeyaram Principal Solution ArchitectI started my career as a professor, after which I took a break to pursue my Ph.D. in Cryptography. My field of education inspired me to showcase my skills in real-time, which is how I started a job at MENTIS. I never...

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Padma Vemuri

Padma Vemuri Vice President of DevelopmentThe first ten years of my career was a constant battle; once I had my twins, I couldn’t manage a stable work-life balance. I struggled to retain a job with any company for longer than a year and had to take many extended...

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Srinath Karthikeyan

Srinath Karthikeyan Product Development ManagerI remember the burning passion I used to have for computers at a very young age. When other kids my age were busy playing games on computers, I was more interested in learning about them. The more I learned, the more I...

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