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With over 15 years of experience in protecting the sensitive data of some of the world’s leading institutions, MENTIS helps businesses who take data security seriously, achieve real world success in securing their data. We have over a dozen years of experience in protecting sensitive data, and if there is one thing our experience has taught us, it’s that perimeter security will always leave data vulnerable to attack.

Why customers trust our approach to data security?

With a steadfast focus on protecting data where it matters the most, at the source, MENTIS has successfully helped in solving some of the world’s most complex problems around data security.

As a forerunner in the field of data and application security, we enable our clients eliminate risk everywhere, thorough removing sensitive data in non-production and pre-production environments, controlling access to sensitive data in production environments,  offering a 360-degree view of how and where their sensitive data is being used, and retiring the unused sensitive data. 

Our technology is extraordinarily unique and helps you protect your sensitive data throughout its life cycle, all the way from data discovery to retirement, with an enterprise-wide and enterprise-class solution.



MENTIS was founded and iScramble, our static data masking module was launched as our first product.


iDiscovery – the sensitive data discovery module, and iMask – the dynamic data module were launched.


Code discovery was introduced and iMonitor – the sensitive data centric monitoring module was launched.


MENTIS 6 was launched with a completely new user interface. Blended masking was introduced and is still the only such product in the market.


The subsetting capability was added to MENTIS’ growing list of modules.


MENTIS 7 was launched. Sensitive data retirement was added as the latest capability. The MENTIS India office was setup.


MENTIS 8 was introduced. We added capabilities like format preserving encryption and tokenization on top of masking.


MENTIS 8.1 was launched. We enhanced the discovery pathways and scorecards, making the discovery solution more powerful. MENTIS iVerify – two factor authentication module was introduced.


MENTIS 8.1.5 was introduced. We extended our capabilities in dynamic data masking to support mainframes and big data.


MENTIS completed 15 years in the data security space. MENTIS 8.1.7 was launched. MENTIS proxy solution was introduced.

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