Masking. Monitoring. Retirement.

Data Security Made More Powerful by the Industry’s Leading Sensitive Data Discovery.

Doing it right is not simple, but keeping your vulnerable enterprise and customer data safe is our only mission.

Global leaders use MENTIS to safeguard their data, comply with regulations, and enable data movement across technologies and borders.

Doing it right means no compromises

MENTIS provides the most powerful discovery, masking, monitoring, and retirement solutions on the market. Built-in flexibility provides the range of approaches you need to customize your data security to the situation at hand, so that you don’t have to choose between data security and data usefulness.

Doing it right means building for complexity.

A fully integrated data security software designed from the ground up.

To look at enterprise data as a whole. To classify it. To anticipate complications like cloud vs. on-premise, multiple data sources, apps with different architectures, data from different geographies, and legacy apps with no documentation.

Doing it right requires a comprehensive, collaborative framework.

We designed our platform to allow you to deploy a comprehensive data security solution that can adapt to conflicting or changing requirements. With MENTIS you don’t have to cobble together patchwork of point solutions that leaves more gaps than it covers. Shared intelligence across the platform means your IT, Security, and User can easily collaborate.


It would be easy. Said no one ever.

We design data security solutions for business. Flexible, adaptable, comprehensive. Proven around the world.

Enterprise-wide compliance. Right to erasure. Test data. Cross-border data sharing. Data warehouses. Third-party access. Breach notification. Intrusion prevention.

MENTIS can handle it.

Our Customers

MENTIS is successfully deployed by reputed customers across geographies in the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East and across industries.



Top Swiss Bank

Top Credit Rating Agency

Subsidiary of Top two Reinsurer

Top multinational resource consulting firm


Fortune 15 Global Conglomerate

Leading Canadian airline

Largest bank in Dominican Republic

Fast food retail chain in US

Largest HR service provider



Government owned commercial bank based out of Abu Dhabi

Government owned airline based out of Dubai

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